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What is your tradition?

We embrace the tradition of beer symbolizing friendship, loyalty, story-telling, culture, and unpretentiousness… and by that we mean humor.

We want to be part of your story

Our beer is more than a commodity, it is a vessel to take the collective “us” on a journey. To take us away to other places and return us to the good graces of close friends and even strangers. Every one of our beers possesses its unique character and, at its core, its own story.

Our journey of story-telling is endless. We are dedicated to bringing you joy, warmth,  laughter, and damn good beer for as long as we stand. Whether it's your story or one we have created for all to enjoy, Tradition Brewing Company is here for you.

Screen Shot 2023-12-12 at 9.03.36 PM
Traditional brewing taproom view 
Traditional brewing team drinking beer 
Three Traditional brewing beers lined up on a table 



Neutralize chemicals before disposal


Donate spent grain to local farmers


Use energy efficient lighting


Recycle cooling water for brewing


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Where to Find Us

You can find our beer across the greater Richmond area, and throughout coastal VA and NC. Look for us in cans and on tap in restaurants, bars, and grocery stores!

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