Chief Executive Officer

Howard Scott

Howard Scott - CFO
He’s busy running the company or having a post work beer in the taproom. He’ll get to writing a blurb later 🙂

The Brewers

Brian Martin & Skylar Reed

Brian (Left), Winston (Left middle), Cheech (Right middle), Skylar (Right)
Brian Martin – I’m Skylar’s boss, and Winston’s Dad, and I make the beer.
Winston – Woof!! Frisbee! Frisbee! Woof Woof!!
Skylar Reed – I’m the lab geek, and Cheech’s mom, no they are not related.
Cheech – Bark!! Bark! Treats please!! Bark!

Taproom Manager

Michele Hanson

Michele is a Hampton native and has a decade of experience in the craft beer industry. She has strong community ties in the Hampton Roads area and is well know in the local beer scene.
She often is seen helping at the local community gardens and donating time to cook for those in need at local shelters. She enjoys sharing her love of craft beer with new and old friends. You’re most often going to see her enjoying a nice stout or porter no matter what time of year. She is also a fan of a well done sour.
When she isn’t working you will find her on the road for a day trip to the mountains, taking in some live music, checking out a brewery, a new winery or spending time in her garden.


Adam Fussel

By day, I’m an online academic advisor for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and by night a bona fide beer snob. I got into craft beer over a decade ago because beer people are my people. As the local scene in VA has exploded I’ve only grown more avid in my pursuit of all the beer, especially IPAs and all things barrel aged. I’m also a classically trained orchestral trombonist, a cat dad, and PC/tech enthusiast.

Brittany Woodland

Busy Training sweet pups, will get to this eventually 🙂

Daniel Milloy

Fun loving guy who loves making his customers laugh and have a great time. When he is not slinging beers he is coaching basketball and mentoring the hampton roads youth.

Jenna Koon

Aside from working at Tradition, I am a full time student pursuing degrees in Marketing and Management at CNU. I also work part time as a Social Media Marketing Manager for a mortgage company! Since being at Tradition, I’ve come to realize that hazy IPAs are my favorite style of beer, and my solid go-to when I travel to any other brewery- but our hazy beers are by far my favorite! In addition to visiting other breweries across the state, I really enjoy spending time with friends and taking my rescue dog to local parks and beaches. Cheers!

Kate Scholl

This is Kate. She is one of our Cicerone certified beertenders, and also a lifetime Pink Boots Society member. She is a native of Portsmouth, VA, has played soccer all her life, and also coached the women’s team at her former high school, Churchland. Craft beer interest started for her with friends who home brewed, and by visiting breweries in the Hampton roads area. Kate has been in the industry for over four years, and has worked at three breweries, a bottle shop, and a German Restaurant in the 757. Her favorite beer style is a Pale Ale for its balanced malt and hop flavor. She is an avid reader, animal lover, and music snob. She currently misses going to concerts.

Lauren Bollier

Hello! My name is Lauren and I am a senior at Christopher Newport University with a major in psychology and a minor in leadership. I became interested in craft beer when I studied abroad in Scotland two years ago. I had the opportunity to explore many famous whiskey distilleries and brewhouses within Scotland and in various other countries across Europe. I discovered my love for stouts and porters, and I became very interested in learning more about the craft beer industry. I began working at Tradition in September of 2020, and the incredible staff here has made me feel so welcome and helped me grow my knowledge. A little bit more about me is that I love doing makeup and dyeing hair. I’m very passionate about dance and have had fifteen years of training. I have a cat named Missy who I found as a stray on campus about a year ago and fell in love with, and we have been inseparable ever since. I hope to become an elementary school teacher and eventually move on to school administration after I graduate.

Nolan Rheinish

Busy teaching children or playing with Luna (my boxer puppy) – will get to this eventually 🙂

Tiffany Brakefield

Hello there! Originally from Pennsylvania, I moved to Kilmarnock , Va in 2013 for a Kindergarten Teaching position. While living off of my teacher salary, someone suggested for me to work at a local winery. I loved the science and art behind the winemaking and fell in love with the industry where I worked for 4 years. Because my husband worked for the shipyard, we decided to move closer to Newport News. We have lived here for 2 years. I have met a wonderful group of teachers where I currently work. When I was looking for that second job, I knew I wanted to try something different. One suggested to work at Tradition. “It had a great group of people and a fun atmosphere!” I am so glad I took the chance! I am enjoying all the great things craft beer has to offer. My favorite style is Sour Beers! YUM! But I do not discriminate! When I am not teaching or writing papers for college, I love spending time outdoors or just relaxing with my pups and hubs. I have three dogs who all have visited Tradition. My youngest Koda, loves to come and play fetch with the other dogs in the brewery.

Timothy Bennington

Coming Soon
Busy with school work from my CNU classes – I’ll get to this eventually 🙂